03 November 2009

A few words at last........

Well it has been a long time since my last post.
DH and I have been busy with our research on a number of fronts.
The first is in dealing with Immigration and being able to bring any potential child born through surrogacy back into Australia. The trouble that we have is that my husband is only an Australian resident and in us using a donor egg the child will not be biologically linked to me.................the Australian Citizen.
While we are still pursuing this avenue to see what our options are we have been looking into new science.

The second and most recent development is as follows:

As I have mentioned to a few people I have had ovarian tissue frozen all of this time. I have spoken to my specialist over the last 12 years to see what developments have been made with regard to be using this tissue.
Over a year ago was my last conversation with my specialist before he retired. At that time the committee in at Monash IVF were not confident that they would be able to do anything with the tissue. At this time I was devastated as I had been researching this and was aware that this had been attempted overseas.
At the time we decided to look at and ED. We have recently been to see a new specialist who works with Melbourne IVF. They have had some success in reimplanting Ovarian tissue into the abdomen. While there have not been a lot of cases and only a few confirmed pregnancies through Melbourne IVF, I am pleased to let you all know that we are going to start actively pursuing this through the new doctor.
My understanding is that a number of peices of the tissue will be reimplanted back into my adbomin and will take anywhere from 4 - 9 months to be able to create eggs.
It is not the same as a normal IVF cycle. The cycle as I currently understand it is only a few days.
There is still a long road that we will need to travel and I promise to keep you all updated on a more regular basis.

On a side note, there are new changes to the Victorian legisation regarding surrogacy. While it does still need to be altruistic it will be legal and there will be more rights to the IP. The issue that we still face in Victoria is that there is no register of people who are willing to act as a Surrogate and munderstanding so far is that the IVF centres are not able to assist in helping IP's find someone to act as a Surrogate.
Once I have a better handle on this legislation and I have a copy of the legislation I will post a link to it.